Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Had A Dream...(With Lisa Lopes In Them)


I was looking at the sky when I saw a plane flying by, and it had on the back of it pictures of stuff behind it. one of the pictures was of Lisa:

I then saw a web address to go. I kept trying to write it down once I did I went online.


Rihanna, had a sample from Michael Jackson(human nature) she performed it along with musicians from the past including Lisa playing guitars. The sample was included in an album I believe in the dream.

Lisa dressed like this:


Rihanna was performing Rude Boy, for some reason clips of Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg video flash on the screen.(of course mostly remember Lisa in her big green hat)

(I actually got a reason this happen, I was randomly thinking how TLC were silly in that video, so was Rihanna in Rude Boy.)

I remember asking Rihanna which TLC member she likes most?
I think she said Tionne but she loves Lisa too.


Rihanna and Lisa were drunk together and Lisa wanted to start a music studio.


Lisa, Rozonda and I were in a classroom. They were talking about something related to TLC however I can't remember what it was.


Lisa, was in two places at the same time. I remember her having on the same outfit she wore on the soul train awards when she hosted:

I think maybe she also had on a white outfit and she was making funny faces. I believe this is the white outfit:

Another Dream with Lisa and Rihanna:

In the dream Lisa was talking with Rihanna as a little girl, maybe even holding her and giving advice
(I think about the music industry)
Some reason Rihanna's father Ronald didn't like this and hit Rihanna, I don't think he liked her talking with Lisa
So Lisa left even though Young Rihanna didn't want her too(I think she helped to heal her though). She had to go do something with TLC lol.

I've also gottan into underground artist Rasheeda and had a dream about her
she was like watching a bunch of Kids and wearing these pants

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